New Spirits will be built by RMC

Image of TT-Line's passenger ferry
next Gen Spirits with a strong influence of Superfast
Drawing © Rauma Marine Constructions.

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) and TT-Line have finalised an agreement for the construction of two car and passenger ferries at Rauma shipyard.

Construction of the new sisters will begin in spring 2022. The first vessel will be delivered to TT-Line in late 2023 and the second one in late 2024.
The ferries will accommodate 1,800 passengers and will have an approximate gross tonnage of 48,000.

TT-Line has said that there will be up to AUD$100 million of Tasmanian/Australian content in the vessels.
There are penalty clauses in the contract if local content provisions are not achieved Mr Grainger CEO of TT-Line has said.

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