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Roll on/Roll Off Facebook page I am an admin of, along with with a Swedish friend.

Ferries! Nice group with latest news on ferries throughout Europe.


YouTube of Ferries of Tasmania -YouTube channel connected with this site!

Just Ferries! YouTube Channel about ferries.


@ferriesoftasmaia – Instagram page of this site!

@niferrysite – NI Ferry site.

Here you will find links to other enthusiast’s sites.

Fakta om Fartyg By Micke Asklander. Spledid site, it’s in Swedish but it has just about all passenger and Ro/Ro ships on the site.

The Ferry Site – By Michael Koefoed-Hansen a very nice site with most Ro/Pax ferries of the world.

Adriatic and Aegean ferries -By Michele Lulurgas about Greek and Italian ferries.

Kships Very nice blog with ship photos, reports and comments on cruise & ferry industry by Kalle Id, a friend of mine from Helsinki Finalnd.

NI Ferry Site Very professional site by my friend Steven Tarbox, covering all aspects of ferries from Northern Ireland, past and present.

Simplon Postcards Large site with post cards of ferries ad other modes of transport, by Ian Boyle.