Ports / Ship Yards

This section is to show the ports and ship yards the have a connection to Tasmanian ferries.

Station pier in Melbourne, Victoria over the years.

The ferries sailing to Tasmania moved to Station pier, Melbourne in 1985 with the “New” Abel Tasman. It was thought to be a good location for promotion with the ship visible from the beach. In 1993 with the arrival of the much lager Spirit of Tasmania the need for a freight storage yard arose, so they resumed some of the beach and sea.
In 2002 the current two ships arrived, and the need for fast turn arouse was needed. The vessels already had double deck loading so a sky bridge was built to utilize this feature.
In the next few years TT-line should take delivery of the two FSG ferries which are meant to have 3 decks of loading and a 9m wide bow ramp which will require another sky bridge and wider link span. Will TT-Line continue to dock here? or will additional capacity out grow this area?…

European ports


First is where is all started at the Birth place of Spirit of Tasmania I & II as Superfast III & IV in 1998, Kvaerner Masa-Yards, Turku New Ship yard, now known as Meyer Turku.
I was lucky enough to arrange a personal tour of the yard, during mid summer eve in 2018. Public relations officer was very accommodating and showed me the processes that they use to build the ships and some history of the yard.
© Mitchell Bruce
Patras Greece, the old home port of Spirit of Tasmania I,II & III. Although they never docked at the new port where the ferries berth now days, as it was only opened in 2009.
© Mitchell Bruce
Port of Ancona, the Italian port Spirit of Tasmania I,II & III sailed to in their Superfast days.
© Mitchell Bruce
Neorion Shipyards on the Greek Island of Syros in the Cyclades . This is where Spirit of Tasmania I, II & III were dry docked during their Superfast careers and where they were renamed Spirit of Tasmania I, II & III. © Mitchell Bruce