Some years ago I had a photo site with Fotopic.net called Mitchell’s Tasmanian Ferry site, but Fotopic closed down in 2011. Since then I’ve wanted to make another site, but with more info and photos. This is not an easy task to commit to, with work etc taking up much of ones time.
I have created this site as a way to share my enthusiasm with other people around the world interested in ferries, in particular the ferries that have sailed to Tasmania, and their histories there. With the ferries time in Australia perhaps not so well known in Europe, and their time in Europe not so well know in Australia. It is my goal to eventually have the site display histories from Princess of Tasmania built in 1959 to the new ships to be built at FSG, Germany in 2021. For now the site is from Abel Tasman to the current day Spirits I & II.
Mitchell Bruce.

To build a site like this would not be possible without the help of some generous friends who share the passion, from around the globe. Thanks!

Stephen Gatt, who has been a big help with lots of photos and info from the vessels Australian careers.
Apostolos Kaknis, for photos and info in Greece.
Georgios Togias, Photos in Greece.
Proud_ionian, Photos in Greece.
T.S.S Apollon, Photos in Greece.
Carsten Watsack, Photos and info from Germany.
Eric Ask, Photos from Norway.
Søren Lund Hviid, Photos from Denmark and Norway.
Costas Sarlis , Photos and info from Greece
Mori Flapan, Photos from Sydney
Matteo Fasce, Photos from Italy and France
Dale Crisp, photos of Abel Tasman and Pollux
Steven Tarbox for his assistance with wordpress and other web site tips. Probably the site would be off line without his generous assistance!

Also, there have been a few books which have been very helpful with info for the site, which I recommend if your interested in learning more.

Ferry to Tasmania: A Short History. Written by Peter Plowman.

TT-Line: Through Five Decades. By Kai Ortel. (Out of print?)

Innovation and Specialisation: The Story of Shipbuilding in Finland. Written by my friends Kalle Id, and Bruce Peter.

Superfast and the ships of Attica Group By Bruce Peter, all about the story of the Superfast brand and how it was conceived, covering all of the twelve new builds until today.

Shippax Guide 96 ShipPax information.

Although I have a section for links, this site wouldn’t have the info it has if not for some web sites, such as:

The great site by Micke Asklander, Fakta om Fartyg which is a register in Swedish of ships, with events etc that have happened in their lives, as well as technical info.

The site of Michele Lulurgas, Adriatic and Aegean Ferries, which has provided some info on the lives of Superfast II, III & IV.

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