Builder of new Spirits in finical difficultly.

Render of the New Spirit of Tasmania ferry. FSG

Flensburger-Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) builder of the new Spirit of Tasmania vessels has run into financial problems. After building a ferry for Irish ferries (W.B Yeats) and delivering it six months late, resulting in heavy penalties to be paid by the yard to Irish ferries.
The yard is restructuring its management, by sacking its CEO and placing personal from the parent company SIEM in charge. SIEM will pay the wages and bills for the yard in the mean time. Its hoped the yard can negotiate with its suppliers to continue to trade. Currently all contractors have left the site, and the ferry under construction for Brittany ferries – Honfleur will be delivered at least four months late. This will most likely mean TT-Line will have its ships delivered late, if the yard continues to trade.

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