Spirit II Dry dock cancelled

Spirit of Tasmania II in the Neorion floating dock in Syros

Spirit of Tasmania II was originally scheduled for dry dock on 16 August and was due to return to service on 5 September.  Due to a number of contributing factors, TT-Line has decided to delay this year’s dry dock until July 2021. 

The vessel must be dry docked by August 2021 to meet AMSA rgulations. TT-Line say that with an increased number of lay days during recent months, the Crew has been achieving great outcomes in terms of ongoing and additional maintenance.

TT-Line also say that there was a risk of the dry dock running over time with COVID-19 still around in NSW.
TT-Line want to focus on the freight service with plenty of freght still being carried, especially due to recent snow in Tasmania which has caused damage to some cool room stores. This means freight demand will be up for produce to ensure that Tasmania does not suffer any shortages. 

Spirit of Tasmania II in the Mersey River, Devonport Tasmania.
Photo: © Mitchell Bruce