New Spirit of Tasmania vessels may not dock at Station pier

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New FSG Spirit of Tasmania vessel.

A recent Tasmanian Government parliamentary hearing has head the Victorian Ports Corporation has put forward an unacceptable deal to continue to dock at Station pier. TT-Line are said to be considering other ports to dock the ferries after 2022 when the current contract runs out.

Transport Tasmania Minister Michael Ferguson told a government business enterprise scrutiny hearing on Friday the offer put to TT-Line by VicPorts was quite unacceptable in terms of pricing and conditions.

“I’m not in a position to provide numbers as they are subject to a negotiation,” Mr Ferguson said.

“What we won’t be able to accept is unreasonable price charges that affect our business and affect business and passenger costs.”

If there do end up docking there again, Vic ports will need to make substantial upgrades for the new ships to be able to dock there, as the design includes 3 decks of loading and a 9m wide bow ramp, the widest ever installed on a Ro/Ro ship.

Currently there is no update from FSG. TT-Line are claiming that the ships will be delivered by March 2021, which will not happen unless a miracle occurs, as FSG are yet to start work on the Irish ferries vessel to be delivered before the Tasmanian twins.

Spirit of Tasmania I docked at Station pier