Theofilos sold

Theofilos laid up at Drapetsona, Greece ,near Piraeus . 24/5/17
Photo:© Mitchell Bruce

Theofilos of the bankrupt Greek NEL Lines, former Bass strait ferry Abel Tasman was due to go to auction in the next few days, but in a surprise move the central harbor master of Elefsis has cancelled the public auction. Information has come to light that the ferry has been sold to a ANEN Lines for a price of 380,000 Euro. It is unclear what they will do with the ship. Due to the poor condition of it there is still a strong possibility Theofilos may go for scap, but here is to hoping she will sail again. . We will see over the coming days and weeks what will happen.

Abel Tasman moored in Devonport, Tasmania.
Photo: Stephen Gatt Collection